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Course Lists & Example Syllabi

Here are the projected courses to be offered for the next two years. Each course number links an official class syllabus. 

This schedule is subject to change, so it is important for majors to consult a department advisor to make sure they are on track. 

    2024 Fall 2025 Spring 2025 Fall 2026 Spring
MATH 107 Mathematics for Business Calculus I
MATH 108 Mathematics for Business Calculus II
MATH 110 Business Calculus
MATH 112 Quantitative Reasoning for Civic Engagement (HIST 112)    
MATH 123 Mathematics for Elementary Statistics (includes former MATH 122)
MATH 124 Elementary Statistics
MATH 165 Concepts of the Number System
MATH 197 Prelude to Calculus I
MATH 198 Prelude to Calculus II
MATH 199 Pre-Calculus
MATH 209 Mathematical Computing (was 309 before F24)  
MATH 225 Introduction to Linear Algebra
MATH 226 Calculus I
MATH 227 Calculus II
MATH 228 Calculus III
MATH 245 Elementary Differential Equations and Linear Algebra
MATH 301 Exploration and Proof - GWAR
MATH 310 Elementary Number Theory    
MATH 324 Probability and Statistics with Computing
MATH 325 Linear Algebra
MATH 335 Modern Algebra
MATH 338 Introduction to SAS    
MATH 350 Geometry    
MATH 370 Real Analysis I
MATH 375 Field Study for Secondary Teachers    
MATH 376 Ordinary Differential Equations I    
MATH 380 Introduction to Complex Analysis    
MATH 400 Numerical Analysis
MATH 420 Combinatorics      
MATH 424 Introduction to Linear Models    
MATH 425 Applied and Computational Linear Algebra    
MATH 430 Mathematics of Optimization      
MATH 435 Modern Algebra II    
MATH 440 Probability and Statistics I (was 340 before F17)
MATH 441 Probability and Statistics II  
MATH 442 Probability Models    
MATH 443 Time Series Analysis    
MATH 447 Design and Analysis of Experiments    
MATH 448 Introduction to Statistical Learning and Data Mining    
MATH 449 Categorical Data Analysis    
MATH 450 Topology    
MATH 460 Mathematical Modeling    
MATH 470 Real Analysis II: Several Variables    
MATH 475 Capstone Course for Secondary Teachers of Mathematics    
MATH 477 Partial Differential Equations    
MATH 565 Concepts of Geometry, Measurement, and Probability    
MATH 576 Math in Middle Schools II      
MATH 577 Math in Middle School III      
MATH 700 Graduate Teaching Workshop    
MATH 710 Measure and Integration    
MATH 720 Combinatorics      
MATH 724 Introduction to Linear Models    
MATH 725 Advanced Linear Algebra    
MATH 730 Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable    
MATH 735 Modern Algebra II    
MATH 741 Probability and Statistics II
MATH 742 Advanced Probability Models    
MATH 747 Design and Analysis of Experiments    
MATH 748 Theory and Applications of Statistical and Machine Learning    
MATH 760 Multivariate Statistical Methods    
MATH 761 Computational Statistics    
MATH 770 Real Analysis II: Several Variables    
MATH 777 Partial Differential Equations    
MATH 790 Advanced Topics in Mathematics
MATH 850 Algebra