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Stanley MAZOR has been awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation. On 17 November 2010, President Obama honored him and two others who together, in 1969, designed the Intel 4004, the pioneering microcomputer/controller chip. He continued working on its evolution, and was a principal architect of the the 8080 chip that powered the original IBM PC. Mazor is also honored on the SFSU Alumni Wall of Fame.

James T. SMITH, MA 1964, is editing this news page. He is retired from teaching at SFSU, but fully active as a historian of mathematics.

David WALDEN, BA 1964, honored on the SFSU Alumni Wall of Fame, is active in the TeX Users Group, and writing a book on disintermediation in the publishing world.

Thomas RIKE, MA 1970, is retired from teaching in the Oakland Unified School district. He remains very active in the Mathematical Association of America and in the Oakland/East Bay Math Circle, an organization devoted to fostering mathematical exploration and discovery for middle-school students and teachers.


David BENDALL, BA 1994, MA 1996, is Director of Strategic Consulting with AdvantageMS, a consulting firm in the health industry.

Claus SCHUBERT, MA 1999, is now Assistant Professor of Mathematics at SUNY Cortland in Cortland, NY. He is teaching algebra and number theory, researching in the theory of quadratic forms, and interested in instructional technology.

Alan VON HERRMANN, BA 1999, is now Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Adrian College in Adrian, MI.


Ming TSAO, MA 2000, is Professor of Music at the University of Göteborg (Gothenburg), in Sweden. He commutes there from his residence in Berlin.

Tadashi TSUCHIDA, BA 1998, MA 2000, has been appointed Chair of the Mathematics Department of Skyline College in San Bruno. He’s a fabulous photographer: Click here to see his work.

Jenny SMITH FREIDENREICH, MA 2001, is now teaching mathematics at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, CA.

Shuichiro TAKEDA, MA 2001, is Reseach Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Purdue University. His specialty is the theory autormophic forms and the Langlands program.

Katherine Marie (Kaytee) BOCK, BS 2002, earned the MBA degree in 2009 from the Wharton School in Philadelphia. She is a healthcare investment banking associate with Lazard in San Francisco.

Emily PUTNAM, BA 2002, earned the MS in mathematics from the University of Utah in 2004, and is now teaching at Monroe Community College in Rochester, New York.

Seth SULLIVANT, MA 2002, is Assistant Professor of Mathematics at North Carolina State University. He recently won a five-year Packard research Fellowship to introduce tools from algebraic geometry, combinatorics, and symbolic computation to address problems in evolutionary biology, causal inference, and disclosure limitation. Even more recently, he won a coveted five-year NSF career development grant.

Ian SAMMIS, MA 2003, is a Krener Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the University of California, Davis. His research area is numerical analysis. At the 2010 Joint Mathematics Meetings he displayed some of his art, based on the Sierpiński curve. Click here to see other works online!

Alexander MILOWSKI, MA 2004(?), is now a PhD student with the Institute for Communicating and Collaborative Systems (ICCS) at the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh.

Dominique CENECEROS, MA 2004, is teaching mathematics at the Leadership and Public Service High School in Manhattan, New York City.

Matthew HERMAN earned the PhD in mathematics from UC Davis in 2009. He is now a postdoctoral researcher at UCLA, specializing in harmonic analysis and signal and image processing.

Chris LIPPI, MA 2005, reports that after teaching part-time at nine institutions, he has a position at a private high school in Los Angeles.

Gabriel LUCAS, MA 2005, is Director of Instructional Technology at The Menlo School in Atherton, CA.

Viveka ERLANDSSON, MA 2006, is a PhD student at the City University of New York. Her MA thesis, Tame homomorphisms of polytopal rings, written under the supervision of Prof. Joseph Gubeladze, has been published in volume 49 of the journal Beiträge zur Algebra und Geometrie.

Kyle SPRATT, BS 2006, is a graduate student at Stanford’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics.

Sara BIGELOW, BA 2007, has taught for two years at Terra Nova High School in Pacifica, CA, and is now moving into their Special Education department. She is currently in the graduate internship program at SFSU.

Jemma LORENAT, BA 2007, just earned the MA degree from the City University of New York with a thesis on the nineteenth-century German mathematician Leopold Kronecker. She is starting a PhD program in mathematics at Simon Fraser University.

Asia MATTHEWS, MA 2007, is a PhD student at Queen’s University in Ontario. Her master’s thesis, written under the supervision of Prof. Matthias Beck, was the basis for the article “Dedekind-Carlitz polynomials as lattice-point enumerators in rational polyhedra,” coauthored with Beck and Christian Haase, has been published in volume 341 of the journal Mathematische Annalen.

Yuko OYAMA, BA 2007, has completed the teaching-credential program at SFSU.

Candice PRICE, MA 2007, is finishing her PhD at the University of Iowa, with a dissertation on knot theory.

Maree AFAGA, MA 2008, is a graduate student in mathematics at UC Santa Barbara.

Drew JARAMILLO, MA 2008, is a graduate student in mathematics at UC Santa Barbara.

Mitchell OSTER, BA 2008, is a mathematics teacher at Balboa High School in San Francisco, taking a break this year.

Adam ANAYA, BA 2009(?), is enrolled at SFSU in the teaching credential program.

Jameson CAHILL, MA 2009, is a graduate student in mathematics at the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO.

Fang-I CHU, MA 2009, is enrolled in the graduate program in statistics and applied probability at UC Santa Barbara.

Daniel DEWOSKIN, MA 2009, has been engaged for 2009–2010 by Prof. Javier Arsuaga as a technical assistant in biomathematics.

Kristen FREEMAN, MA 2009, is now a mathematics specialist at the Academic Success Center at UC Davis.

Elizabeth GROSS, MA 2009, is a graduate student in mathematics at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Emily McCULLOGH, BA 2009, has started full-time teaching of mathematics at Mission High School in San Francisco.

Lothar NARINS, BA 2009, is joining the graduate program in mathematics at the Berlin Mathematical School. This program, jointly sponsored by three German universities, is completely international and conducted in English.


Kien NGO, BA 2009, visited Spain just after graduation and became enchanted with Granada and the Alhambra, as she experienced first-hand the Islamic art that she’d studied just before.

Christopher O’NEILL, BA 2009, has joined the graduate program in mathematics at Duke University.

Amanda RUIZ, MA 2009, is a graduate student in mathematics at the State University of New York at Binghamton.

Walter SOLARZANO, BA 2009, is a credential student in mathematics at Sacramento State University.


Laura ESCOBAR VEGA, MA 2010, is starting doctoral studies in mathematics at Cornell University.

Andrew HERMANN, MA 2010, is starting graduate study in mathematics at UC Davis.

Benjamin IRIARTE GIRALDO, MA 2010, is starting graduate study in mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Jennifer Susannah LOPEZ, MA 2010, now works as a mathematics researcher for the U. S. Air Force. She will soon be relocating to Ohio from her present station in Texas.

Zoe TALBOT, MA 2010, is a junior research scientist at the New York University Center for Neural Science.

Tim WERTZ, MA 2010, is starting graduate study in mathematics at UC Davis.

Jon YAGGIE, BS 2008, MA 2010, is starting graduate study in mathematics at University of Illinois, Chicago.

Ralf YOUTZ, MA 2010, is starting graduate study in mathematics at Portland State University.