James T. Smith


The Legacy of Mario Pieri

Volume 2

In Foundations and Philosophy of Mathematics


Elena Anne Marchisotto, California State University, Northridge

Francisco Rodriguez-Consuegra, Universitat de València

 James T. Smith, San Francisco State University



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Front matter (Table of contents, etc.)

Chapter 1 Pieri’s Contributions to Foundations and Philosophy of Mathematics

Chapter 2 Pieris Philosophy of Deductive Sciences

Chapter 3 Two Paths to Logical Consequence:  Pieri and the Peano School

Chapter 4 Pieris 1900 Paris Paper

Chapter 5 Pieri and Projective Geometry

Chapter 6 Pieri’s 1898 Geometry of Position Memoir

Chapter 7 Transformational Geometry

Chapter 8 Pieri’s 1900 Point-and-Motion Memoir

Chapter 9 Central Themes and Impact of Pieri’s Work

Chapter 10 Pieri’s Works on Foundations and Philosophy of Mathematics

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24 May 2016