Math 110: Math for Business Analysis, Fall 2013
Instructor: Dr. Shidong Li, TH 929, office hours: TuTh 10:00 - 11:00.
Textbook: S.Waner and S.Costenoble, Applied Calculus. Brooks/Cole, 6e, 2013.

Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of ELM requirement and/or Math 70 C or better.

Course Syllabus:

Chapter 0 Algebra Review (Self-review)
Chapter 1 Functions and Linear Models, 1.1-1.3
Chapter 2 Nonlinear Models, 2.1-2.3
Chapter 3 Introduction to the Derivative, 3.2,3.4-3.6
Chapter 4 Techniques of Differentiation, 4.1-4.5
Chapter 5 Applications of the derivative, 5.1-5.4
Chapter 6 The integration, 6.1-6.4
Chapter 7 Further integration Techniques and Applications, 7.1-7.4

The principal aim of Business Calculus is for students to grasp the concept of rate of change in the context of business and financial applications. Students should understand average and instantaneous rates of change and their relations to the notion of marginal analysis. They should be able to explain their understanding in their own words and solve problems requiring marginal analysis of simple cost and supply/demand models. In solving these problems they should make appropriate use of differentiation formulas for powers, roots, exponentials and logarithms. Students should also be able to differentiate functions using the standard rules like the Chain Rule.

Homework grades will count 30% of your grade.

Important! Your regular homework assignments will be online. We shall use WebAssign system for online homework, tutorial, and course management. Before using the online system, you must register at WebAssign. Make sure that you select SAN FRANCISCO STATE UNIVERSITY from the list of schools.

Your Course Keys are listed below (make sure you use the correct section):

  1. MATH 110.04:   sfsu 5057 6125

The midterm exam will count 30% of your grade. The exam will be given during the entire class period. Tentative schedule for the midterm exam is October 17. You will be notified at least one week in advance about the exact date of each exam.

The comprehensive final exam will count 40% of your grade.


Score 85 - 100 70 - 85 55 - 70 40 - 55 < 40
Grade A B C D F

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