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Lecturer Hiring Policy

Lecturers will be evaluated on their subject-matter knowledge and teaching skill. The Department of Mathematics upholds the principles that university teachers should be experts in their subject matter and that advanced mathematical knowledge informs and improves mathematics teaching at all levels. Equally important is teaching skill, the ability to engage students and lead them in the acquisition of their own mathematical knowledge. Candidates for lecturer positions will be asked to supply a vita and letters of recommendation regarding their subject-matter knowledge and their teaching ability. They will also be interviewed by the chair. Candidates may submit additional evidence such as past teaching evaluations, classroom observations and scholarly work. Subject-matter knowledge will be measured primarily by education and work experience including academic and applied work; teaching ability will be evaluated through letters of recommendation, the interview, and other information submitted by the candidate. The chair may contact references and past employers for additional information. Continuing lecturers will be evaluated through current vitae, San Francisco State University's standard teaching evaluation, faculty classroom visits and meetings with the chair. The vita should include mention of all professional activities the candidate wants considered as part of their evaluation, including scholarly activities, meetings attended and curriculum development. Lecturers are required to administer the standard teaching evaluation in all their classes, and each lecturer will receive a written classroom evaluation from a tenured/tenure-track faculty member at least once a year. Current vita, student evaluations and the classroom report will be included in the lecturer's departmental personnel file. The chair will meet with each lecturer to review his or her performance at least once annually. At the end of each academic year, the chair will prepare a written evaluation of each lecturer based on the lecturer's current vitae, the student evaluations, classroom visits, and any other information that has been added to the lecture's departmental personnel file.

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