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REvitalizing ALgebra: The REAL Partnership

Program Description

A National Science Foundation Math Science Partnership

Principal Investigators

Eric Hsu
Judith Kysh
Diane Resek

San Francisco State University

  School Partners

Berkeley Unified School District

Jefferson Elementary School District

South San Francisco School District
San Francisco Unified School District
San Lorenzo Unified School District

The REAL partnership will address serious problems in the current teaching of algebra, particularly with respect to performance by underrepresented groups. The partners propose to pilot a model for a professional development system that brings together three groups: algebra teachers in grades 8-10, university mathematics majors, and mathematics graduate students who are teaching remedial courses at the university level.  Each cohort will take part in a two-year program. During the NSF MSP grant period, there will be two cohorts.

1. REAL Objectives

K-12 Algebra Teachers
Graduate Students
Undergraduate Math Majors

2. REAL Strategies

a. Selection of participants
b. Year-long course
c. Undergraduate mathematics majors work in secondary algebra classrooms
d. Lesson study in the secondary schools
e. Lesson study among graduate students

3. REAL Evaluation

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