REvitalizing ALgebraMathematics 890.01, REvitalizing ALgebra Workshop
Spring 2004 Syllabus

(12/29/03) Tentative syllabus and schedule posted.

Time. Tuesdays 4:30 - 7:15.
Place. 428 Thornton Hall

Instructors and Office Hours.

Eric Hsu · ·  932 Thornton Hall ·  415-338-1104 ·  Tu 3-4  · AIM: EricHsuSFSU
Judy Kysh · ·  59 Burke Hall ·  415-338-2121 ·  TBA
Diane Resek · ·  928 Thornton Hall ·  415-338-2071 ·  TBA

Class Home Page. <> Announcements, homework assignments and this syllabus are all posted here.

Course Objectives. Participants will

Textbook. None. There will be handouts in class.

Teaching Style and Attendance. About two-thirds of the time will be spent on activities in small groups. The other third will be lecture and discussion. Because of the emphasis on in-class activity, attendance is mandatory.

Expectations. You are expected to attend all classes and complete all assignments on time.

Assignments. Weekly homework will include readings, reflections, problems and classroom projects.