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Mathematics 226, Calculus I
Fall 2001 Syllabus

*** NEWS ***

(12/23/01) Final Grades Posted with small updates.

Time. Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:10 - 3:25; Monday 2:10-3:00.
Place. 409 Thornton Hall

Instructor. Eric Hsu (, 932 Thornton Hall, 415-338-1104
Office Hours. Tu 12:15-1:15, 3:30-4:30(open); Th 10:00-11:00.

* NEW * All Math 226 professors will each hold an office hour open to any 226 student, regardless of section. They are:

Section TA. Jen Mogel (

Class Home Page. Check this page often. Really. Announcements, homework assignments, test schedules, grades and this syllabus are all posted here.

Course Objectives.

Textbook. Calculus, by Robert T. Smith and Roland B. Minton, 2nd Ed.

Teaching Style and Attendance. About two-thirds of the time will be spent on activities in small groups. The other third will be lecture and discussion. Because of the emphasis on in-class activity, attendance is mandatory. Missing class without prior notice will cause damage to your academic experience, your grade, and may cause you to be dropped from the class roster. Section attendance is also mandatory, as well as a good idea.

Reading. We'll be covering the first four chapters through 4.5. It is crucial that you do the reading assignments before class, since the group work will usually rely on them. Even if I do not explicitly cover an idea from the reading in class, you are still responsible for it.

Grades. Final course grades will be assigned according to the following point scale:

N otice that the grades of your fellow students cannot affect your grade. Your running point total will be posted to the class home page on a regular basis. I reserve the right to make it easier, but not harder, to get a given grade.

Earning Points. There are a number of ways to earn points in the course. Notice more than 1000 points are possible.

  • Midterm I (200 pts)
  • Midterm II (200 pts)
  • Final Exam (250 pts)
  • Big Quiz (50 pts)
  • Class Group Work including TA for a Day (100 pts)
  • 10 best Homework grades (200 pts)
  • Other extra credit (HW problems, Best of the Herd, Optional Project)
** NEW ** Weekly quizzes have been eliminated to make room for more homework discussion time. Grade thresholds will be adjusted at year's end accordingly.

Homework. ** NEW ** Assignments will be posted to the class home page every Tuesday and are due the next Tuesday at the start of section. After October 1st, no late homework will accepted in any case. You are allowed and encouraged to work on the homework in groups, but you must write up the solutions in your own words or it will be considered cheating. Solutions chosen as Best of the Herd will receive extra credit.

TA For A Day. Everyone must sign up to be a TA for one class period. That means that you will prepare the workshop problems with me in advance, both answers and hints, facilitate group work in class and write me a note on the events. You will get 10 extra credit points for signing up for the month of September.

Tests. Weekly quizzes, two midterms and a Big Quiz will be given during section. There will be a comprehensive final exam. No makeups will be given without prior permission. Midterm and final exam test problems will include at least one homework problem, one group work problem and one selection from a sheet of challenging problems distributed ahead of time. After each midterm is returned to you, you can submit corrected answers to recover up to half of the deducted points.

Religious Holidays. I will make reasonable accommodations for you to observe religious holidays when such observances require you to be absent from class activities. It is your responsibility to inform me during the first two weeks of the class each semester, in writing, about such holidays.

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