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Mathematics 165: Concepts of the Number System
Fall 2001 Assignments and Tests

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9/6/01. HW1 is due today. HW2 handed out.


9/20/01. HW2 due.

9/27/01. HW3 due.

10/4/01. HW4 due.

10/11/01. HW5 due. Midterm Project Idea due.

10/18/01. HW6 due. Midterm Project Outline due.

10/25/01. HW7 due. Midterm Project due.

11/1/01. Take Home Midterm. You will be on your honor not to consult with anyone once you start writing until you finish. The exam will be handed out on November 1 and must be returned at the beginning of class on November 6th.

It will cover all the work we have done this semester up to, but not including, fractions. You will be allowed to prepare four sheets of notes in advance, to be handed in with the midterm. Extra credit will be given for particularly well-done notes.


Also: HW8 due.

11/6/01. Take Home Midterm Due. HW8 due.


11/8/01. HW9 due. Final Project Idea due.


11/15/01. HW10 and Final Project Outline due.


11/22/01. Thanksgiving Holiday, no class.


11/29/01. Final Project due.

12/4/01. HW11 due.



12/13/01. HW12 due.

12/20/01. FINAL EXAM. 10:45am-1:15pm.

Extra Credit Extension. (Due at the final exam.)

Extra Credit #1. Consider the case of Mini-Camel - the enterprising but eccentric owner of a small banana grove in a remote desert oasis.


(a) Show how Mini can get some (a positive number of) bananas to the market.

(b) Can you get eight bananas to market?

Extra Credit #2. Like Mini-Camel, Corey Camel also owns a banana grove and has a secret way to market. But, Corey's banana grove consists of 3000 bananas and Corey can only carry at most 1000 bananas at a time. The marketplace where Corey's harvest can be sold is 1000 miles away. Like Mini, however, Corey Camel eats one banana during each and every mile she walks. How many bananas can Corey get to market? Explain how the answer to the Mini problem relates to the answer here.

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