AGC Topics – what you future thesis may be about


Current students


Timmy Chan, Height 1 extensions and Hilbert contractions of rational cones


Former thesis students


Sam Sehayek. Geometric extensions of finite posets (2018)

Justin Fong, Effective Wedderburn for commutative group rings (2017)

Justin Davis, Tensor- and tor-varieties of finite dimensional modules (2015)

Wiseley Zhang, Automorphisms of small tensor, symmetric, and exterior algebras (2015)*

Jack Love, Hom-polytopes between regular polytopes (2013)

Jessica Delgado, Higher dimensional Frobenius numbers (2013, coadvised with M. Beck)

Michael Garcia, Effective Duistermaat – van der Kallen (2012)

James McErlain, Simplicial linear Picard groups (2012)

Andrew Dynesson, Tensor product of regular polygons (2012)

Chris Chan, Evalutions of tame automorphisms (2011)

Jon Yaggie, The variety of finitary algebra homomorphisms (2010)

Maree Afaga, Commutator automorphisms of formal power series rings in characteristcs 2 and 3 (2008)

Viveka Erlandsson, Tame homomorphisms of polytopal algebras (2006)
John Fisher, Graded retractions of Stanley-Reisner rings (2005)
Pierre Dueck, Tight cones & small Hilbert bases (2005)


Former independent studies/projects supervised


Nathanael Aff, complex and positive characteristic Farey series

Weyman Kwan, Farey series in dimensions 3 and 4

Reuben Brasher, Quillen's solution to Serre's problem on projective modules
Jameson Cahill, K_0 regularity of regular rings
Aaron Dall, Suslin's work on GL_n of polynomial rings

Kayvan Momeni, Algorithmic check of Hilb-connectedness of smooth polytopes

Alexandra Han, Algorithmic study of hom-polytopes and hom-cones
Mark Contois, Hom-polytopes and quotient (cokernel) polytopes



(*) after successful oral defense final revised text not submitted