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From W. Bruns and J. Gubeladze, Polytopes, Rings and K-theory, Springer, 2009 (not the copyrighted Springer version):

·       Introduction and table of contents

·       Chapter 1

·       Bibliogrpahy





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2.   Google group was created for discussing problems, homework assignments, etc (please ask Jimmy McCerlain,, for invitation to the group)

3.   Videos of my lectures - starting in about two weeks (Dr. Goetz, who foresees the technical installations in TH 211, will be back from overseas)





Part 1

Lecture 1 – notes, video (on the forum)

Lecture 2 – notes, video (on the forum)

Lecture 3 – notes, video (on the forum)

Lecture 4 – notes, video (on the forum), further reading

Lecture 5 – notes, video (on the forum)

Lecture 6 – notes, video (on the forum) (in the notes it is called #5 by mistake)

Lecture 7 – notes, video (not recorded), further reading

Lecture 8 – notes, video, further reading 1 & 2

Lecture 9 – notes, video

Lecture 10 – discussion meeting: no notes (video on the forum)

Lecture 11 – notes, video

Lecture 12 – notes, video

Lecture 13 – notes, (video not recorded)

Lecture 14 – notes, video

Lecture 15 – notes, video


Part 2 (this part is based on [H] in the flyer: Chap. 3, 6, 9)

Lecture 16 – notes, video, reading

Lecture 17 – notes, video

Lecture 18 – notes, video

Lecture 19 – notes, video

Lecture 20 – notes, video

Lecture 21 – notes, video

Lecture 22 – notes, video (my apologies – I forgot  to turn the mic on, but the video is rather self-explanatory, even more so together with the notes; also we will give a brief summary in the next lecture)

Lecture 23 – notes, video

Lecture 24 – notes, video


Part 3 (this part is based on just a few sections of chap 2 and chap 4 of [BG] in the flyer – these files are not the copyrighted Springer versions)

Lecture 25 – notes, video

Lecture 26 – notes, video

Lecture 27 – notes, video

Lecture 28 – notes, video

Lecture 29 – notes, video (once again - I forgot  to turn the mic on, but the video together with the notes still makes sense. Sorry!)

Lecture 30 – notes, video (in the notes it is mistakenly called L. 31)

Lecture 31 – notes, video (further reading – a nice introduction to toric varieties from a slightly different perspective, take a look!)

Lecture 32 – notes, video

Lecture 33 – notes, video, further reading

Lecture 34 – notes, video (the mic battery died on me halfway through the lecture L)

Lecture 35 – notes, video (discussion, not a regular lecture)

Lecture 36 – notes, video

Lecture 37 – notes, video





hw1 Solution: David Meredith, Zachary Bowen (Meredith’s work is mistakenly called #2 inside)

hw2 Solution: David Meredith, Zachary Bowen, Jack Love

hw3 Solution: David Meredith (there were several good works approx. 80%, but I am posting the only 100% one, that is of Dr Meredith)

hw4 Solution: David Meredith (there were works 80% and even 90%, but the only 100% one is by Dr Meredith)


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