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Calculus I (Math 226.01) Spring 2004 

 Professor Arek Goetz

Lecture: Tuesday, Thursday 2:10-3:35 in TH211

Discussion: Wednesday 8.10-9.00 or 9.10-10.00

EXAM 1: Tuesday,  March 16.

Calculus 226 is the first four credit hour course in the calculus sequence taught at San Francisco State University. The textbook for the course is Calculus: Early Transcendentals 5e by James Stewart. We shall cover chapters 2, 3, 4, and a part of chapter 5.

The course homepage is linked from "http://dynamics.sfsu.edu/goetz/"

The central object of the study in calculus is the concept of a function. Functions are used to describe the real world around us. Calculus introduces two fundamental concepts which enable us to describe and investigate functions. These are: the derivative and the integral. The derivative describes the behavior of a function at a particular time. The integral carries information about the history of a function.

Lecturer:  Arek Goetz. He is an associate professor at San Francisco State University. He came to SFSU after spending three postdoctoral years at Boston University. Dr. Goetz has taught calculus for ten years. His office hours are on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 5:00-6:30 p.m. in TH933. He requests that email not be used for calculus questions.

Discussion Leaders: M. Bravewoman. Each student must attend both lectures and one of the discussion hours.

Grading Policy. There will be two examinations, and four quizzes. The examinations and quizzes will be  based on the assigned homework problems. Homework will be collected before each lecture and it will based on the material covered during the previous lecture. No late homework will be accepted under any circumstances, however, two lowest homework scores will be dropped. Final grades for the course will be determined by curving the total numerical score accumulated during the course. Your total numerical score will be determined by applying the following weighting scheme.

Examination (two)
Quizzes (four)

Exceptions. The only allowable makeup exams are in cases of your or your loved ones' recorded, serious physical or psychological emergency. In an extremely unusual cases, I may apply a different grading scheme.

Discussion session. The goal of the discussion is to augment the lecture by disscussing problems and difficulties in doing homework as well as prepare you for the examinations. Occasionally, a video recored lecture format may replace an informal discussion session.

Help. In order to succeed this course you will need to spend on average 6-9 hours a week in addition to the lectures. You are more than welcome to come to the instructors office hours. In addition the Learning Assistance Center (LAC) is in HSS 348 is available between M-Th 9am -
4pm and F 9am - noon. CARP is in HSS 344 and is open M-Th 4pm - 8:30pm and F 10am - 3pm.
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