formal power series & algebraic combinatorics 2010

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  • A bijection between dominant Shi regions and core partitions
    Susanna Fishel and Monica Vazirani
  • A canonical basis for Garsia-Procesi modules
    Jonah Blasiak
  • A Closed Character Formula for Symmetric Powers of Irreducible Representations
    Stavros Kousidis
  • A Combinatorial Formula for Orthogonal Idempotents in the 0-Hecke Algebra of S_N
    Tom Denton
  • A note on moments of derivatives of characteristic polynomials
    Paul-Olivier Dehaye
  • A Pieri rule for skew shapes
    Sami H. Assaf and Peter R. W. McNamara
  • A preorder-free construction of the Kazhdan-Lusztig representations of H_n(q)
    Charles Buehrle and Mark Skandera
  • A unified bijective method for maps: application to two classes with boundaries
    Olivier Bernardi and Eric Fusy
  • Affine structures and a tableau model for E_6 crystals
    Brant Jones and Anne Schilling
  • An Algebraic Analogue of a Formula of Knuth
    Lionel Levine
  • An algorithm which generates linear extensions for a generalized Young diagram with uniform probability
    Kento Nakada and Shuji Okamura
  • Balanced binary trees in the Tamari lattice
    Samuele Giraudo
  • Bijective enumeration of permutations starting with a longest increasing subsequence
    Greta Panova
  • Boolean complexes and boolean numbers
    Bridget Tenner
  • Bruhat order, rationally smooth Schubert varieties, and hyperplane arrangements
    Suho Oh and Hwanchul Yoo
  • Chain enumeration of k-divisible noncrossing partitions of classical types
    Jang Soo Kim
  • Chamber Structure for Double Hurwitz Numbers
    Renzo Cavalieri, Paul Johnson and Hannah Markwig
  • Combinatorial aspects of Escher tilings
    Srecko Brlek, Alexandre Blondin Masse and Sebastien Labbe
  • Combinatorial formulas for double parabolic R-polynomials
    Justin Lambright and Mark Skandera
  • Combinatorics of the PASEP partition function
    Matthieu Josuat-Verges
  • Compositions and samples of geometric random variables with constrained multiplicities
    Margaret Archibald, Arnold Knopfmacher and Toufik Mansour
  • Computing Node Polynomials for Plane Curves
    Florian Block
  • Constant term evaluation for summation of C-finite sequences
    Qing-Hu Hou and Guoce Xin
  • Counting RNA pseudoknotted structures
    Cedric Saule, Mireille Regnier, Jean-Marc Steyaert and Alain Denise
  • Counting unicellular maps on non-orientable surfaces
    Olivier Bernardi and Guillaume Chapuy
  • Criteria for rational smoothness of some symmetric orbit closures
    Axel Hultman
  • Crossings and nestings in set partitions of classical types
    Martin Rubey and Christian Stump
  • Crystals from categorified quantum groups
    Aaron Lauda and Monica Vazirani
  • Cyclic sieving for longest reduced words in the hyperoctahedral group
    T. Kyle Petersen and Luis Serrano
  • Denominator formulas for Lie superalgebras
    Paolo Papi, Victor Kac and Pierluigi Moseneder Frajria
  • Descent polynomials for permutations with bounded drop size
    Fan Chung, Anders Claesson, Mark Dukes and Ronald Graham
  • Enumerating (2+2)-free posets by the number of minimal elements and other statistics
    Sergey Kitaev and Jeffrey Remmel
  • Enumerating Pattern Avoidance for Affine Permutations
    Andrew Crites
  • Enumeration of inscribed polyominos
    Alain Goupil, Hugo Cloutier and Fathallah Nouboud
  • Equivalence Relations of Permutations Generated by Constrained Transpositions
    Steven Linton, James Propp, Tom Roby and Julian West
  • f-vectors of subdivided simplicial complexes
    Emanuele Delucchi, Aaron Pixton and Lucas Sabalka
  • Fully Packed Loop configurations in a triangle and Littlewood Richardson coefficients
    Philippe Nadeau
  • Generalized Ehrhart polynomials
    Sheng Chen, Nan Li and Steven Sam
  • Generalized Energy Statistics and Kostka-Macdonald Polynomials
    Anatol Kirillov and Reiho Sakamoto
  • Harmonics for deformed Steenrod operators
    Francois Bergeron, Adriano Garsia and Nolan Wallach
  • Involutions of the Symmetric Group and Congruence B-Orbits
    Eli Bagno and Yonah Cherniavsky
  • Jucys-Murpy elements and unitary matrix integrals
    Sho Matsumoto and Jonathan Novak
  • Linear coefficients of Kerov's polynomials: bijective proof and refinement of Stanley's result
    Valentin Feray and Ekaterina Vassilieva
  • Linear Systems on Tropical Curves
    Christian Haase, Gregg Musiker and Josephine Yu
  • Mixed Statistics on 01-Fillings of Moon Polyominoes
    William Chen, Andrew Wang, Catherine Yan and Alina Zhao
  • Models and refined models for involutory reflection groups and classical Weyl groups
    Fabrizio Caselli and Roberta Fulci
  • n! matchings, n! posets
    Anders Claesson and Svante Linusson
  • Nonzero coefficients in restrictions and tensor products of supercharacters of U_n(q)
    Stephen Lewis and Nathaniel Thiem
  • On gamma-vectors satisfying the Kruskal-Katona inequalities
    Eran Nevo and T. Kyle Petersen
  • On extensions of the Newton-Raphson iterative scheme to arbitrary orders
    Gilbert Labelle
  • On formulas for moments of the Wishart distributions as weighted generating functions of matchings
    Yasuhide Numata and Satoshi Kuriki
  • On joint distribution of adjacencies, descents and some Mahonian statistics
    Alexander Burstein
  • On k-crossings and k-nestings of permutations
    Sophie Burrill, Marni Mishna and Jacob Post
  • On the diagonal ideal of (C^2)^n and q,t-Catalan numbers
    Kyungyong Lee and Li Li
  • Pattern avoidance in alternating permutations
    Joel Lewis
  • Pattern avoidance in partial permutations
    Anders Claesson, Vit Jelinek, Eva Jelinkova and Sergey Kitaev
  • Permutation Patterns and Singularities of Schubert Varieties
    Henning A. Ulfarsson
  • Products of Geck-Rouquier conjugacy classes and the Hecke algebra of composed permutations
    Pierre-Loic Meliot
  • QSym over Sym has a stable basis
    Aaron Lauve and Sarah Mason
  • Random Walks in the Plane
    Jonathan M. Borwein, Dirk Nuyens, Armin Straub and James Wan
  • Root polytopes, triangulations, and the bracket algebra
    Karola Meszaros
  • Schubert complexes and degeneracy loci
    Steven Sam
  • Skew Littlewood-Richardson rules from Hopf algebras
    Thomas Lam, Aaron Lauve and Frank Sottile
  • The biHecke monoid of a finite Coxeter group
    Florent Hivert, Anne Schilling and Nicolas M. Thiery
  • The cluster and dual canonical bases of Z[x_{11}, ..., x_{33}] are equal
    Brendon Rhoades
  • The expansion of Hall-Littlewood functions in the dual Grothendieck polynomial basis}
    Jason Bandlow and Jennifer Morse
  • The Frobenius Complex
    Eric Clark and Richard Ehrenborg
  • The Geometry of Lecture Hall Partitions and Quadratic Permutation Statistics
    Katie Bright and Carla Savage
  • The Hodge Structure of the Coloring Complex of a Hypergraph
    Sarah Rundell and Jane Long
  • The Homology of the Real Complement of a k-Parabolic Subspace Arrangement
    Jacob White and Christopher Severs
  • The Mobius function of separable permutations
    Vit Jelinek, Eva Jelinkova and Einar Steingrimsson
  • The spectrum of an asymmetric annihilation process
    Arvind Ayyer and Volker Strehl
  • The stability of the Kronecker product of Schur functions
    Emmanuel Briand, Rosa Orellana and Mercedes Rosas
  • Three notions of tropical rank for symmetric matrices
    Dustin Cartwright and Melody Chan
  • Toric Ideals of Flow Polytopes
    Matthias Lenz
  • Tropical secant graphs of monomial curves.
    Maria Angelica Cueto and Shaowei Lin
  • Valuative invariants for polymatroids
    Harm Derksen and Alex Fink
  • Viewing counting polynomials as Hilbert functions via Ehrhart theory
    Felix Breuer and Aaron Dall
  • Weakly directed self-avoiding walks
    Axel Bacher and Mireille Bousquet-Melou
  • Weighted branching formulas for the hook lengths
    Ionut Ciocan-Fontanine, Matjaz Konvalinka and Igor Pak
  • Word equations in a uniquely divisible group
    Christopher Hillar, Lionel Levine and Darren Rhea
  • Words on non-commutative invariants of the hyperoctahedral group
    Anouk Bergeron-Brlek
  • Zonotopes, toric arrangements, and generalized Tutte polynomials.
    Luca Moci
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