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This list should include faculty who served full-time for five years or more, and a few others. I’m trying to record the most basic data. Dates include temporary service. Only SFSU degrees are indicated. If you discover an omission, or would like a link on this page to more information about you, please let me know. —James T. Smith, Professor Emeritus,

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Aiyar, Radhakrishnan. Served 1967–2005. Emeritus.

Arsuaga, Javier. Served 2005–2014. To UC Davis.

Astromoff, Andrew. Served 1962–1994. To Computer Science 1983, then Hawaii. Emeritus.

Blakeslee, David W. Served 1950–1971. Died 1971. Our Blakeslee Room is named for him.

Boulware, Alexander S. Served 1911–1949. Died 1951.

Bruno, Vincent J., BA 1963, MA 1965. Served 1973–1996. Emeritus.

Chang, Lawrence, BA 1968. Served 1980?–1983. Died 1983. Member, Alumni Wall of Fame.

Cressman, Peter. Served 1968–1973. To industry.

Douglas, Robert J. Served 1969–2000. To Computer Science 1983. Emeritus.

Ekstrand, Judith. Served 1983–2009. Emerita.

Fendel, Daniel. Served 1973–2006. Emeritus.

Fisher, Newman H. Served 1957–2002. Chair 1968–1975, 1982–1997. Emeritus.

Flaherty, Francis. Served 1959–1965. To Oregon State.

Forsey, Hal J., BS 1962, MA 1964. Served 1969–1998. Emeritus.

Goldberg, E. Maxine. Served 1962–1979. To Florida.

Gutierrez, José, BA 1965. Served 1978–1999. Emeritus.

Haines, Leonard. Served 1970–1999. Emeritus.

Hall, Arthur J. Served 1946–1977. Chair 1947–1959. Died 2007.

Kodama, Laura. Served 1962–1964, 1975–1978. To Hawaii. Died 2010.

Kurtz, Barry. Served 1977–1979, 1981–1985. To New Mexico State.

Lakness, Ralph M. Served 1955–1995. Chair, 1959–1968. Died 1999.

Levaro, Richard A., MA 1969. Served 1975–1980. To industry.

Levine, Barry. Served 1981–. To Computer Science 1983.

Levit, Robert J. Served 1957–1972. Died 2010.

Lewis, John B. Served 1969–2000. Emeritus.

Marcucci, Robert G. Served 1980-2010. Emeritus.

McDonald, Bruce. Served 1982–1993. To Computer Science 1983. Died 1993.

Meredith, David B. Served 1972–2012. Chair 2002–2006. Died 2012.

Mundt, Carlos. Served 1924–1960. Died 1984.

Neustadter, Siegfried. Served 1958–1993. Died 2012. Photos and obituary

Novalis,Susann. Served 1973–2009. Emerita.

Oppenheim, Joseph. Served 1965–1991. Died 1997.

Patt, Yale Norman. Served 1976–1989. To Computer Science 1983. Now University of Texas.

Pollatchek, Albert. Served 1976–2005. Died 2012.

Resek, Diane. Served 1975–2005. Emerita.

Sangren, Ward C. Served 1980–1988.

Sheehan, Franklin F. Served 1954–1993. Emeritus.

Smith, James T. Served 1965–2008. Chair 1975–1982. Emeritus.

Smiraga, Nora. Served 1966–1973. To Lawrence Livermore.

Summerfield, Jeannette, BA 1960, MA 1963. Served 1961–1977. To Indian Valley College.

Tabatabaian, Ali M. Served 1966–2005. Emeritus.

Tang, Alfred Sho-Yu. Served 1966–2002. Emeritus.

Vazquez, Mariel. Served 2005–2014. To UC Davis.

Whitmore, Edward. Served 1956–1965.

Wilson, Jack D. Served 1949–1984. Died 1986.

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