federico ardila
professor . san francisco state university
profesor adjunto . universidad de los andes . colombia

. research . teaching . cv . personal . sfsu-colombia combinatorics initiative .

Current courses:

calculus one. (sfsu, spring 2019)

Online courses:

Since 2007 I've been teaching classes jointly at SFSU and Los Andes, and posting the lecture videos, lecture notes, homework, and other resources for anyone to use freely. For more information, please visit the SFSU-Colombia Combinatorics Initiative.

Matroids: website . youtube . index
Polytopes: website . youtube . index
Coxeter groups: website . youtube . index
Hopf algebras and combinatorics: website . youtube . index (courtesy of Sara Billey)
Combinatorial commutative algebra: website . youtube . index
Enumerative combinatorics: website . youtube . no index yet

A few previous topics courses:

combinatorics. (sfsu, spring 2017)
representation theory. (sfsu, spring 2016)
algebraic combinatorics. (sfsu, fall 2014)
combinatoria algebraica. (los andes, spring 2003)