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profesor adjunto . universidad de los andes . colombia

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Selected profiles.

Testimonios: Stories of Latinx and Hispanic Mathematicians, 2020
        Part of a beautiful upcoming book edited by Pamela Harris, Alicia Prieto-Langarica, Vanessa Rivera Quiñones,
        Luis Sordo Vieira, Rosaura Uscanga Lomelí,and Andrés Vindas Meléndez. .

Quanta Magazine + Wired Magazine, 2017
        Federico Ardila: A mathematician who dances to the joys and sorrows of discovery.
        Video excerpt.

Limitless Minds, Interviews with Mathematicians, 2017
        Part of this wonderful book by Anthony Bonato. .

Podcasts and video interviews.

Meet a Mathematician, 2020
        (Interview with Padi Fuster and Selvi Kara, 2020)

Scientific American, 2018
        (My Favorite Theorem podcast with Evelyn Lamb and Kevin Knudson)

Latinxs and Hispanics in Mathematical Sciences, 2018
        (Lathisms podcast with Evelyn Lamb)


Premio Nacional de Ciencias y entrevista con la Fundación Alejandro Angel Escobar, 2015.

Premio Nacional de Matematicas, 2019.

El Espectador, El camino hacia el asombro, 2013.

Diverse Issues in Higher Education, Ten Emerging Scholars, 2011

SF State Magazine, A World-Class Education, 2010.

La W radio, 2010.

Chronicle of Higher Education, 2010.

Revista Poder, 2008.