representation theory
san francisco state university
federico ardila
spring 2016

O syllabus

O homework (due at the beginning of class)

o hw 1 (due feb 9)
o hw 2 (due feb 18)
o hw 3 (due mar 3)
o hw 4 (due mar 17)

O diary (due at the beginning of every meeting)

After class n you will discuss the material with a classmate, and turn in a very brief summary of the key points at the beginning of class n + 1. We will begin class n + 1 by discussing these. After class n + 1, you will edit and transcribe your summary of class n into your "diary" (in LaTeX or some other beautiful format). The end result is due on May 19.

O books

Bruce Sagan. The Symmetric Group. Representations, combinatorial algorithms, and symmetric functions.
David Dummit and Richard Foote. Abstract Algebra. (supplementary, not required)
Karen Smith. Groups and their representations.