(CM)²: Creating Momentum through Communicating Mathematics

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James McErlain (Jimmy)

(CM)² Graduate Student (2011-2012)

I was born and raised in the greater DC area. I attended the University of Maryland College Park and initially studied physics, however upon taking a number theory class I became intrigued by theoretical mathematics and I changed my major to math and neuro-cognitive science. Upon graduating I felt the call of the west and my love of rock climbing took over. I made my way out west to climb the USA in my van and live the life of a rock bum, climbing, reading books, and living out of the van. Upon reaching Oakland I settled down for a bit and it was here that I met my amazing wife, Jennifer or as I call her Yenny. I have worked for the past 6 years with a non-profit teaching and developing informal science and math curriculum for inner city Oakland girls. This past year however I decided to head back to grad school and finish my graduate work in math. In addition to climbing I also enjoy playing Judo and any and all other combat sports, chess, cooking, photography and reading philosophy and literature in my leisure. AND FINALLY, my wife and I just welcomed into the world our first child Connor McErlain on March 11th. My math interests include, category theory, homological algebra and algebraic geometry. Diego. I loved mathematics so much that I decided to continue on for an advanced degree at SFSU. At the moment I'm working with Federico Ardila on cubical complexes and their relation to reconfiguration systems. It's an interesting project with a lot of real-world applications, which I find very exciting. In my free time I enjoy riding my bike around the city and exploring.

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