(CM)²: Creating Momentum through Communicating Mathematics

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David Bangor

(CM)² Graduate Student (2009-2010)

I find mathematics to be a wonderful and highly stimulating subject for which there no end to its infinite possibilities. Because of this I find myself interested in many different fields of mathematics. I worked on the Maximum principle in Bergman Spaces for my thesis with Dr. Alex Schuster, but I am also fascinated by geometry and its relationship to algebraic concepts, combinatorial geometry, topology, set theory, logic and differential geometry. Besides having an interest in broadening my mathematical perspectives I also look toward the artistic perspectives of mathematics, which can account for my love of geometry. I also have a passion of bicycle mechanics and bicycle racing. I was raised in the high desert landscape of eastern San Diego county and received my B.S. in applied mathematics with an emphasis in physics at San Diego State University. I currently teach high school in Burlingame.

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