(CM)²: Creating Momentum through Communicating Mathematics

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Steven Collazos

(CM)² Graduate Student (2012-2013)

I was born in Smithtown, New York, but I grew up in Armenia, which is a small city located in the department of El Quindio in Colombia. While there, I developed an attraction for science, music and, in general, learning about my surroundings. I spent my last two years of school over there exploring the basic sciences and playing lots of chess. (I had the aspiration of winning the annual departmental-wide high school chess competition, but wound up in the third position in my last year. I sure loved the game, and I still do!) Then I came back to New York to attend college. I was going to study music, but I thought that mathematics would be easier, so I stuck to that as my path at first --later on I discovered that I liked it a lot more, too. I earned a B.S. in mathematics from Binghamton University in August 2011 and decided to come to SF State to learn more math. I plan on getting a PhD in pure mathematics and becoming a university professor. My mathematical interests are combinatorics, algebra and topology. Aside from mathematics, I enjoy soccer, chess, instrumental music, playing the piano, reading, writing and learning about science.

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