(CM)²: Creating Momentum through Communicating Mathematics

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Jack Love

(CM)² Graduate Student (2012-2013)

I grew up in Southern California, first in the high desert near Palmdale and later in Riverside where I graduated high school. The following year I entered UC San Diego as a Fine Arts major. I left school after my freshman year and moved to the Bay Area. I spent the next six years moving from city to city along California's coast, skateboarding and working jobs in the skateboard industry, and traveling around North America and Europe. In 2005 I re-entered academia via City College of San Francisco. I was drawn to mathematics for its beauty and mystery. I graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in pure math in 2010. I spent the next six months working in a wood shop, designing and building geometric objects, then entered SF State in the Spring of 2011 as a Master's student. My research is in geometric objects called polytopes. The study of polytopes spans from the classical Greek period to the forefront of modern mathematics. Polytopes have visual manifestations that offer even the uninitiated a glimpse of the beauty of mathematics.

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