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Summer Seminar Notes

July 2, 2009
Introduction to program and timeline for the upcoming year tex pdf
July 9, 2009
Choosing a PhD Program tex pdf

Math GRE Materials

GRE Information
Practice Tests

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Materials

NSF GRF homepage
University of Missouri Grad School info for NSF fellowships, with excerpted pages for each of the essays and rubrics
Blog site containing multiple essays from several areas of research--focus on ecology--with rating sheets on the uploaded essays
Blog advice on multiple fellowships
Tomorrow's Professor posting "How to win a graduate fellowship"
NSF fellowship information booklet
Power Point Presentation on NSF Fellowship Application
Accessing and Using Fastlane
Advice and ideas presented by Mariel Vazquez at SFSU grant writing workshop

Personal Statements and CVs

Notes by Ralf and Mela tex pdf
Dr. Serkan Hosten's Presentation on Personal Statements pdf

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The Young Mathematicians Network

Student Papers




Steven Collazos An Approach to Introducing Ehrhart Theory in High-School Algebra Paper
Alyssa Palfreyman Adjacencies in Three-Dimensional Graphs Paper
Brian Cruz Supercoiling: Linking Number, Twist, and Writhe Paper
Jessica Delgado Math Circle Lesson Bowling Pin Puzzle Paper
Kelley Walker Down The Rabbit Hole Paper
Cecilia Maria Coca Normal Distributions Paper
Servando Pineda Random Walks on Polytopes Paper
Tahir Anjum Parity Paper
Mike Henley Alternate bases Paper
Mike Garcia Approximating Pi Paper
Jacob Bowen Least common multiple introduction Paper
Rika Yatchak Introduction to polytopes using Zome tools and Platonic solids Paper
Jimmy McErlain Fractions: Relations and Equivalences Paper
Katrina Wono Geometric Objects on the Plane Paper
Mike Garcia Set Theory and Classifying Numbers Paper, Poster
Katie Betancourt Making Numbers out of 3's and 5's Paper, poster, handout
Mike Henley Mountain Building Paper, (.docx), Poster
Katrina Wono The Relation Between Distance and Area Paper, Handout, Poster
Jimmy McErlain Game Theory of Gomuku and (m,n,k)-games Paper, Poster
Jacob Bowen Extensions on the Pythagorean Theorem Paper, Poster
Lisa Clayton Non-Euclidean Geometry: A History and a Brief Look Paper, Poster
Rika Yatchak Number Line Rectangles: Teaching Primes to Elementary School Students Paper, .doc, Poster
Tu Pham Multiplication Graph Paper
Tu Pham Volume of Sphere Paper
Tu Pham Shortest Distance Paper
Nick Dowdall Sequence and Series Paper
Nick Dowdall Logarithm Paper
Ashley Shimabuku Origami Variation Paper Part 1
Paper Part 2
Ashley Shimabuku Magic Pinwheel Paper
Ashley Shimabuku Straight Cut Origami Paper
Tia baker Fractal Worksheet Paper
Tia baker Stamps Lesson Paper
Tatsianna Maskalevich Calculating Tip Paper
Mela Hardin Graph Theory Competition Paper
Mela Hardin The Chaos Game Paper
Mela Hardin Symmetries of a Square Paper
Mela Hardin Graph Theory Paper
Nick Dowdall Complete the Square Paper
Unknown Curve Ball Paper
Ashley Shimabuku Measuring Pi Paper
Ashley Shimabuku Complex Numbers on Pi Day Paper
Tatsianna Maskalevich Logarithm War Game Paper
Card sheet
Tatsianna Maskalevich Math Circle Tangrams Paper
Hye Jung and John Rader from University of Hawaii Toothpick Geometry Paper
Tatsianna Maskalevich Blackjack Probability Paper
Tia Baker Tessellation Paper
Mela Hardin Rep-Tiles Paper
Ashley Shimabuku Paper Folding and Polyhedron Paper
David Bandor Golden Ratio Paper
Addie Evans Logic and Proofs Paper
Logic in Newspapers
Two Column Proofs
Proof Game
Geometry Two Column Proof
Materials 1
Materials 2
Mela Hardin Large Numbers Paper
Andrew Herrmann Card Trick Paper
Nguyen Le Calendar Math Paper
Dido Uvaldo Salazar-Torres Modulo Arithmetic Paper
Tim Wertz Cardinality Paper
Jon Yaggie Pick's Theorem Paper
Ralf Youtz Symmetries Paper
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