Driving to Parking Lot 14/15 From I-80 East

Parking in Lot 14 or Lot 15 and should be FREE on Saturday, and not too crowded.   If there is no room there, you can park in Lot 25 (to the west).)
Directions:  exit I-80 (East) at Richards Blvd (Downtown Davis).  Go to the right off the offramp (because you will cloverleaf) toward downtown Davis.  After the underpass, if you go straight through the light it will spill you onto E Street.   Take E St north about 5 blocks and turn left on 5th Street.  (After A Street, 5th changes name to Russel Blvd.)   Turn left on California Ave into campus.  (The first left after Oak. If you hit La Rue you've gone too far.)  Turn left into parking lot 15 or 14.
(You may also take 113 N, exit Russel to the East and turn right on California Ave.)    
Click here for walking directions from Lot 14 to Wellman Hall.
Talks are in 216 Wellman; refreshments in 102 Wellman.