The Bay Area Discrete Math Day, SPRING 2001

The Second BADMath Day will take place at San Francisco State University, April 14, 2001. As the First BADMath Day, this one-day meeting hopes to facilitate the communication between researchers and graduate students of discrete mathematics around the San Francisco bay area. BADMath Days happen semi-annually where we create a fairly informal atmosphere to talk about discrete mathematics. The term ``discrete mathematics'' is chosen to include at least the following topics: Algebraic and Enumerative Combinatorics, Discrete Geometry, Graph Theory, Coding and Design Theory, Combinatorial Aspects of Computational Algebra and Geometry, Combinatorial Optimization, Probabilistic Combinatorics, Combinatorics in Mathematical Physics, etc.

The Second BADMath Day will be held in the Blakeslee Room on the top floor of Thurnton Hall, the building where the Mathematics Department is. The Math department is on the ninth floor of the building and you need to take the elevator to this floor, and then walk one flight up to Blakeslee Room. There will be clearly marked signs on the day of the meeting. Andrei Okounkov from UC Berkeley and Günter Ziegler from Technische Universität Berlin agreed to give one-hour talks. The complete program of the meeting is below. You can also read the abstracts in postcript or in pdf format. If you have questions please contact the local organizer Serkan Hosten.

  • 10:00-10:50 am Günter Ziegler (Technische Universität Berlin and UC Berkeley)
        "Combinatorial proofs for some Topological Combinatorics classics"
  • 11:00-11:30 am Alper Atamturk (UC Berkeley )
        "Polyhedral valid inequalities for mixed integer programming"
  • 11:45 am-12:15 pm Jesus De Loera (UC Davis)
        "Algebraic Unimodular Counting"
  • 2:00-2:30 pm Francis Su (Harvey Mudd College)
        "Fairness, fixed points, and a polytopal generalization of Sperner's lemma"
  • 2:40-3:10 pm Zvezdelina Stankova-Frenkel (Mills College)
        "A New Class of Wilf-Equivalent Permutations"
  • 3:20-3:50 pm Christian Haase (UC Berkeley)
        "Cross polytopes are extendably shellable"
  • TEA
  • 4:30-5:20 pm Andrei Okounkov (UC Berkeley)
        "Generic Macdonald polynomials"
  • 6:00 pm DINNER

    There will not be any registration fee, but ALL participants are kindly requested to send us a message if you plan to attend. Information on the area hotels as well as on parking will be available on this web-page; for the moment here are directions to SFSU.