The Bay Area Discrete Math Day, FALL 2000

This meeting intends to increase the communication between researchers and graduate students of discrete mathematics around the San Francisco bay area. The term ``discrete mathematics'' certainly includes the following topics: Algebraic and Enumerative Combinatorics, Discrete Geometry, Graph Theory, Coding and Design Theory, Combinatorial Aspects of Algebra and Geometry, Combinatorial Optimization, Probabilistic Combinatorics, Combinatorics in Mathematical Physics, etc. The goal is to have two annual meetings where some specialists will present some recent advances in the field and where we could have a good opportunity to talk about discrete mathematics.

The first meeting will take place at UC Davis Friday, October 20, 2000 and it is planned to be adjacent to the 2000 Fall AMS Western Section Meeting to take place in San Francisco, CA, October 21-22, 2000. A special issue of Discrete and Computational Geometry is planned for these two events. Here is the list of invited talks and the schedule for the conference. All talks will take place in KERR HALL 693 (check out this map of campus which shows VP25 the visitor parking closest to Kerr hall Here you can find driving directions to UC Davis campus.:

  • 10:15 am OPENING REMARKS
  • 10:30am Bruce Reznick (Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) "Polynomials and lattice point polytopes"
  • 11:30am Matthias Beck (SUNY Binghamton) "Dedekind sums: a discrete-geometric viewpoint"
  • 12:00am LUNCH
  • 1:30pm Anne Shepler (Univ. Wisconsin/ UC Santa Cruz) "The sign character for Shephard groups"
  • 2:00pm Diane Maclagan (Institute Advance Studies, Princeton) The vertex ideal of a lattice.
  • 2:30pm BREAK
  • 3:00pm Frank Sottile (Univ. Massachussetts, Amherst) "Polytopes and Isotropic Schubert Calculus"
  • 3:30pm Marcelo Aguiar (UQAM, Quebec, Canada) "Infinitesimal Hopf algebras and the cd-index of polytopes"
  • 5:00pm DINNER

    For more information please contact the local organizer ( There will not be any registration fee, but ALL participants are kindly requested to send us a message if you plan to attend. We have assembled some Travel and hotel information . The next meeting will take place at Cal. State Hayward in the Spring of 2001. More information will be available at this web page later on.