DNA packing in bacteriophages (In collaboration with R. Scharein)

2D gel of P4 knots: Two dimensional gel of low complexity knots
extracted from P4.Notice the absence of the 4-crossing knot and
the prevalence of toroidal knots over twist knots.
(Published in Arsuaga et al. 2005)

Random packing with volume
Unpublished data (Figure
generated by Dr. Scharein)

Spooling (In collaboration with Steve Harvey)

Random Spooling:The Random spooling model was
introduced in Arsuaga and Diao 2008. The goal was
to introduce a spooling like conformation that produces
knots. (Figure generated by R.. Scharein)

A realization of the 8.1 knot in the 1-slab
Motivated by the results on P4 cosmids we asked
what is the shortest piece of rope needed to make a knot in
a tightly confined region (ie. 1-slab)(Submitted for publication)

A second realization of the 8.1 knot in the 1-slab:
These two realizations are not equivalent when
confined to the the 1-slab