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Math 70: Algebra II

Prerequisites & Bulletin Description

Course Objectives

Algebra is a language used to represent mathematical relationships. The purpose of an Algebra II course is to build understanding of specific relationships and to use them to solve problems. In this course students will have to opportunity to:

  • Develop their ability to use algebra to represent problem situations and to explain their reasoning.
  • Develop facility in graphing linear, quadratic, exponential, and logarithmic functions and in solving quadratic equations, equations involving rational expressions and radicals, and linear systems of equations.

The purpose of the course is to prepare students to succeed in future mathematics courses and in courses in other fields that require the use of mathematics.

Evaluation of Students

Evaluation will be based on the problem sets, class participation, two midterms, and the final, and possibly quizzes. Problem Sets may include problems worked on in class and as homework.. Students are expected to attempt every problem on every assignment, and if they cannot complete a problem, explain where they had difficulty. Class participation includes working on selected problems from the problem sets with other students and presenting results to the whole class. Quizzes may be given occasionally, announced or unannounced. The percentages below represent the approximate weighting for grading.

Problem Sets: 30-40%
Class Participation: At least 10 %
Quizzes: 0-10%
Midterms: About 30 %
Final Exam: About 20%

Course Outline

For this class we will work on the list of topics below. We may not work through the text in the order that it is written. Some times we will start with a problem or set of problems designed to find out what you already know.

Topics Number of Weeks
Systems of Equations, Systems of Inequalities and Problem Solving 3
Functions and their Graphs 1
Exponential Functions 3
Quadratic Functions and Equations 4
Logarithmic Functions 3

Textbooks & Software

Kime, L., & Clark, J. Explorations in College Algebra, 2nd edition

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